The most effective method to Save Electricity At Home

Each time we get our power bill, there is a stress in our psyche, however, we just set it aside feeling that we can do minimal about it. The administration chooses the power rates and the charges per unit continue expanding each year or two. And with the addition of a new appliance, we find that our consumption is also increasing.

All things considered, you will scarcely believe, you can do a ton to decrease your power utilization and cut the bill down. Here are some broad tips to save electricity at home:

Save Electricity At Home

How to Save Electricity At Home

1. Lights: If you are using incandescent bulbs, you should immediately shift to CFL bulbs or LED lights. Tube lights that are used for a longer time, especially ones in kitchen, living room and bedroom can be changed to LED tubes or T5 tubes. And of course, switch off the lights when not in use.

2. Fans: As in case of lights, switch off the fans when not in use. If you are buying a new fan, buy energy efficient fans. Wherever your fan usage is more than 12 hours, replace them by energy efficient fans, you will get your money back in 2 years and after that it will be all bonus for you.

3. Refrigerators: Keep your refrigerator away from the wall by about half feet. Refrigerators throw out heat and this heat needs to escape. If you do not let the heat go away, its efficiency reduces. Also, do not keep your fridge stuffed with lot of food items. In winters, you can keep the fridge in min cool mode. If some container has very less food, try to finish it, as the fridge will waste more energy in keeping the container itself cool.

4. Geyser: Do not switch on the geyser hours before you plan to take bath. Switch it off immediately after taking bath. Geysers do have auto off features, but there is still some wastage of heat and the geyser switches on again after some time.

5. TV: Most of the time, we keep the TV and associated electronic items (Set-up box, Speakers, etc.) on even when not in use. You may think that this does not consume a lot of electricity, but it does. Make it a habit to switch off the TV when you are not watching it.

6. ACs: If you have one ore more ACs at home, this is the item you should focus on the most to save electricity. Ensure that your doors and windows are properly closed when you use the ACs. Switching on the fan while using the ACs helps you in keeping the AC at a higher temperature.

If you live in India and are used to using the ACs at a very low temperature like 18 degree Celsius, try to change your habit over few months, as this will also affect your health. Often, opening the window brings in fresh and cooler air than using an AC. When you switch on the AC, do not keep it at a very low temperature hoping that it will cool faster (it will not). At night, you can switch on the AC for one to two hours, let the room cool and then switch if off. You should also work out the feasibility of replacing your old ACs with new (energy-efficient) ACs. Old ACs use lot of electricity.

Finally, if you are buying any new appliance whether it is light, fan, TV or AC, preferably buy energy efficient one.

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